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Please RSVP to this form AND simultaneously complete payment to confirm your registration. Please send the payment screenshot to

*Limited spots

If no. Would you like to do Arangetram?
Which class are you interested in?
Beginners EST (Mon & Wed 6-7 PM EST)
Beginners PST (Tue & Thu 6-7 PM PST)
Intermediate EST (Mon & Wed 7-8 PM EST)
Intermediate PST (Tue & Thu 7-8 PM PST)
Advanced (Sun: 9- 11 AM PST | 12-2PM EST)


Quarterly payments (once every three months)


Term: Three months - July, Aug, Sept

Classes start: 07/01/24

Registration deadline: 06/23/24

Beginner: $1050

Intermediate: $1110

Advanced: $1140

If you would prefer different modes of payment or have financial difficulties due to job loss, or are a student please send us an email before completing this form: 

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