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Bhargavi Venkataraman
Company dancer / Instructor 

Bhargavi Venkataraman's journey in Bharatanatyam blossomed from a tender age into a graceful and accomplished artist. Holding a Master's degree in Fine Arts and recognition as a Doordarshan Grade B artist, she has captivated audiences with her refined technique and expressive abhinaya across prestigious Indian venues.

Bhargavi's dance exudes natural elegance, mesmerizing with neat footwork and evocative expressions. Her nritta and nritya seamlessly blend vigor and fluidity, embodying the navarasas with poise and shraddha, connecting deeply with audiences.

Bhargavi started learning Bharatnatyam from guru Smt. Dhakshayani Ramachandran for 12 years, laying a strong foundation in the art form. She then trained under the guidance of guru Smt. Bhagyashree Satthish for 8 years, honing her skills in nattuvangam, music, and pedagogy. Continuing her quest for knowledge, since 2022, Bhargavi has been learning from the talented Kassiyet Adilkhankyzy. Each of these revered gurus has played a pivotal role in Bhargavi's journey, imparting their unique expertise and shaping her as a well-rounded artist. Bhargavi actively advances her own learning, seeking inspiration from all her gurus, recognizing the invaluable contributions they have made to her growth.

Bhargavi's dedicated teaching experience includes training for arangetrams and performances. Bhargavi has been a prompt nattuvanar during Margazhi seasons and dance recitals throughout the year, focusing on moulding well-rounded artists through traditional and innovative methods.

Her performances are marked by impeccable rhythmic command, felicitous expression, and pleasant stage presence. Notable accolades include the Best Performer of the Year 2016 by Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha and participation in record-setting Bharatanatyam events.

With authenticity and innovation, Bhargavi continues inspiring through teaching and performances.

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