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Bye Bye 650 
University of Pécs, Hungary

In commemoration of the foundation of the first Hungarian university, the University of Pécs orchestrated a full-day event, welcoming members of the univeristy students, professors and citizens of the country to participate. The event's primary objective was to exhibit the multifaceted and innovative endeavors undertaken by the university's departments and affiliated institutions, while also affording attendees a firsthand glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere of academic life.

The culmination of the University of Pécs' 650th anniversary celebrations featured a special closing event. As part of this grand finale, Kassiyet delivered a captivating Bharatanatyam performance, accompanied by a lecture-demonstration. This unique segment unfolded amidst the backdrop of an international dance night, which brought together university students, esteemed professors, and distinguished guests from across the globe.

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