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17 июн. 2024 г. - 17 июн. 2026 г.


О марафоне

These Bharatanatyam dance classes, students embark on a journey of artistic refinement and mastery, honing their skills to a professional standard. Here are the details you might expect: Advanced Adavus Mastery: Advanced exploration and mastery of adavus, focusing on precision, speed, and intricate variations. Students refine their technique to achieve fluidity and grace in movement execution. Complex Choreography: In-depth study and practice of complex dance compositions (complex talam varnams, padams, and tillanas), which demand a high level of technical proficiency and artistic expression. Students delve into intricate choreography, exploring thematic nuances and narrative storytelling. Abhinaya Intensive: Advanced training in abhinaya, delving into nuanced emotional expression and character portrayal. Students refine their ability to convey a wide range of emotions with authenticity and depth, bringing characters to life through gesture, expression, and body language Dance Repertoire Expansion: Exploration of a diverse repertoire of dance pieces spanning various styles, traditions, and composers. Students broaden their artistic horizons by learning repertoire from different regions and time periods, enriching their understanding of Bharatanatyam's cultural heritage and stylistic diversity. Performance Preparation and Artistry: Rigorous rehearsal and performance preparation, focusing on stage presence, projection, and artistic interpretation

Вы также можете присоединиться к марафону в моб. приложении.



Доступно 3 плана, От «779,00 $» + 35,00 $ Registration fee


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