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1 июл. 2024 г. - 1 июл. 2025 г.


О марафоне

Duration: required minimum of two years of commitment Classes focus on introducing students to the fundamental aspects of Bharatanatyam: ​ Basic Postures (Adavus): Students will learn foundational postures and movements known as adavus. These include steps like tattadavu, nattuadavu, namaskaram etc. Hand Gestures (Mudras): Introduction to mudras/hastas, which are hand gestures used to convey emotions and tell stories in Bharatanatyam. Students will learn common mudras and their meanings. Facial Expressions (Abhinaya): Beginning to explore abhinaya, or expressive storytelling through facial expressions. Students will learn basic expressions and how to emote effectively while dancing. Rhythm (Talam): Introduction to talam (rhythm) and its importance in Bharatanatyam. Students will learn to keep time with basic rhythms and understand the structure of traditional compositions. Basic Dance Compositions: Students will learn simple dance compositions (alarippu, jatiswaram) that incorporate the adavus and mudras they have learned, providing an opportunity to practice technique and rhythm. Theory: Introduction to the theoretical aspects of Bharatanatyam, including its history, mythology, and the role of music and rhythm in dance. Body Conditioning: Basic exercises and stretches to improve flexibility, strength, and stamina, essential for executing Bharatanatyam movements with precision and grace. ​ These classes are designed to provide a solid foundation for students who are new to Bharatanatyam, allowing them to gradually build their skills and understanding of this rich and intricate dance form.

Вы также можете присоединиться к марафону в моб. приложении.



Доступно 3 плана, От «749,00 $» + 35,00 $ Registration fee


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