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Program details:

Start date: 06/17/24

Early registration: 06/08/24 

Discount: $50 OFF, coupon code "Dancer" (use at check out)

Registration deadline: 06/14/24


Instructor: Kassiyet (bio)

Classes conducted: Online

Location: Dancers based in the US

Age: 16+

Kassiyet offers customized professional training in Bharatanatyam, catering to adult dancers at all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Her tailored instruction aims to equip dancers with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve mastery in the art form, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of Bharatanatyam's intricacies and nuances. Whether one is just starting their journey or seeking to refine their technique to professional standards, Kassiyet's personalized approach ensures each student receives guidance tailored to their individual goals and aspirations.

 Classes are conducted in small groups comprising upto 10 dancers, facilitating personalized feedback and attention. This approach fosters accelerated growth in the dancers' artistic journey.

Duration: required minimum of two years of commitment

Classes focus on introducing students to the fundamental aspects of Bharatanatyam:

  1. Basic Postures (Adavus): Students will learn foundational postures and movements known as adavus. These include steps like tattadavu, nattuadavu, namaskaram etc.

  2. Hand Gestures (Mudras): Introduction to mudras/hastas, which are hand gestures used to convey emotions and tell stories in Bharatanatyam. Students will learn common mudras and their meanings.

  3. Facial Expressions (Abhinaya): Beginning to explore abhinaya, or expressive storytelling through facial expressions. Students will learn basic expressions and how to emote effectively while dancing.

  4. Rhythm (Talam): Introduction to talam (rhythm) and its importance in Bharatanatyam. Students will learn to keep time with basic rhythms and understand the structure of traditional compositions.

  5. Basic Dance Compositions: Students will learn simple dance compositions (alarippu, jatiswaram) that incorporate the adavus and mudras they have learned, providing an opportunity to practice technique and rhythm.

  6. Theory: Introduction to the theoretical aspects of Bharatanatyam, including its history, mythology, and the role of music and rhythm in dance.

  7. Body Conditioning: Basic exercises and stretches to improve flexibility, strength, and stamina, essential for executing Bharatanatyam movements with precision and grace.

These classes are designed to provide a solid foundation for students who are new to Bharatanatyam, allowing them to gradually build their skills and understanding of this rich and intricate dance form.

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Kassiyet passionately champions dedicated dancers for prestigious festivals worldwide, fostering artistic excellence and cultural exchange. With unwavering commitment, she nurtures emerging talents, celebrating diverse artistic voices on international stages. Kassiyet stands as an inspirational beacon, supporting dancers in elevating their craft and sharing their creative vision globally.

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