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1. Tuition Policy 

The Training Center does not prorate tuition for missed classes. (For prolonged absences, lasting 4+ weeks, please email to Dancers who have not paid tuition will not be allowed to participate in class. The class fee is paid through

Please note that a 3% processing fee will be added to card payments. The fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable.


2. Attendance Policy

If a dancer is unable to attend class, the dancer is expected to contact via email or text message at least 48 hours in advance. (In case of emergency or sudden illness, please contact as much advance notice as possible.) Any dancer arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class. Teachers may cancel the class for private lesson students arriving more than 10 mins late. Except in case of emergency, dancers may not leave class early.


3. Attire Policy 

Dancers are required to come to class in a practice saree OR a fitted kurta-shalwar with a cotton dupatta tied around the waist. (Leggings, tight pants, and oversized shirts make it difficult for instructors to see corrections.) Jeans, shorts, skirts,t-shirts and dresses are not allowed in class. Dancers with long hair are asked to tie it back in a pony-tail, bun, or braid.


5. Special Enrichment and Private Classes 

Private sessions are only available by invitation. Selected dancers have the chance to take part in specialized enrichment sessions conducted by Artistic Director Kassiyet and/or esteemed visiting guest artists.

6. Company Performances 

Dancers are required to attend all company performances in the near to them location. This is an important part of the student’s dance education. Admin will be in touch with dancers about how to reserve/book tickets.


7. Student Performances 

Senior students are tasked with representing the Kassiyet Training Center through community performances, exclusively by invitation. These events offer aspiring dancers valuable performance experience and the chance to refine their skills. Intermediate and advanced students have the option to seek approval for participation in community events. Prior permission from Kassiyet is mandatory for any student intending to perform, with requests to be submitted at least three weeks before the scheduled performance.

8. Canceled & rescheduled classes 

Due to the performance and tour schedule, instructors may cancel or re-schedule classes. Canceled classes will be rescheduled and conducted in the following 4-6 weeks. 

9. Video/ Audio recording

No audio/video recording is allowed in class. 

10. Electronic devices

Mobile phones and smart watches must be on a silent mode. 

11. Intellectual property

Training center, Dance Company & Kassiyet retain all intellectual rights, audio recordings, and other proprietary interests to Kassiyet's choreography, music, and any derivatives thereof. Student agrees not to publicly share via email/social media/video sharing sites, duplicate, or otherwise make public.

12. Special conditions

Instructors have the permission to record the activities/classes for archival, educational, promotional, and rehearsal purposes, and other purposes that may arise in the future.

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